• Running Into the Fire

    Running Into the Fire

    What three things describe me best? Fitness, community, and family. I’m a fitness enthusiast and seasoned firefighter, but most importantly, a husband and father. Basically, I’m just like every one of you out there whose extremely busy; struggling to find time to reach their fitness goals without compromising their everyday life. Continue reading
  • 6 Steps to Get in the Workout Mindset

    6 Steps to Get in the Workout Mindset

    “Forget it, I just don’t feel like training today.” Sound familiar? We all have those days when we let the weather, the workday, school, and/or relationships affect our overall mood, and deter us from training as a result. So, how do we become a master of our mood to stay on track? Listed below are six ways to stay in the zone for a better workout rain or shine!

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