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  • How to stay fit when traveling

    How to stay fit when traveling

    Well, there are a number of ways to work out on the road. You don’t need any equipment – just motivation and desire to keep up the good work you’ve accomplished so far. You also can get creative and build your own WOD (Workout of the Day) with the knowledge you’ve learned from CrossFit.    Continue reading
  • Ripped Abs for Spring: The Basics

    Ripped Abs for Spring: The Basics

    Tyler McPeak is a personal trainer, fitness model and expert on building lean, responsive muscle and perfecting physique. It is not easy – but with a proven competitor like Tyler leading the way and showing you how, building a better body (starting with your abs) is definitely within your grasp.

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  • Wider, Stronger Back

    Wider, Stronger Back

    Tyler McPeak – Personal fitness expert, sponsored Champion Performance athlete and successful fitness and athletic model has teamed up with Champion Performance, designer of science-built sports nutrition and supplement support for serious results and unparalleled personal achievement to products this 4 part, 4 week guide to lean, total-body mass.

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