Seeking Revenge on all-stars “Broken Skull Challenge”

Seeking Revenge on all-stars “Broken Skull Challenge”

by Jonathan Ruiz

For the all-stars episode of “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge,” the producers picked the closest matchups from the past five seasons and pitted them against each other during the first challenge to see if they have what it takes to wreak revenge on the guy that took them out before.

I’m extremely excited to be back on this TV reality show to prove myself as an elite athlete. I’m still disappointed by my Season 2 performance that I didn’t get to run the Skullbuster, an obstacle course that attacks the strength, endurance, and willpower of athletes who endure as the last one standing on each episode.

If you’re not familiar with the show’s layout, three rounds of one-on-one competition pit athletes in either hand-to-hand battle or a workout. The winner out of eight contestants gets to run the Skullbuster for a chance at the grand prize. During season 2, I made it to the third round just shy of the Skullbuster.

The all-star show is different, though, with two rounds and two contestants running the Skullbuster. The winner with the fastest time takes home $25,000 unlike the regular season where the winner takes home $10,000

When I arrived on the ranch, I checked out the competition and discovered I was the lightest guy at 182 pounds, and Mack Roesch, my “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” teammate, was the heaviest at 215 pounds. However, it didn’t rattle me because I knew I could compete with the best of them, no matter the weight class.

The first matchup was on Trench Warfare, a long ditch filled with waist-high water.  Two contestants start at opposite ends and slog through the water to fight each other in the middle to get past each other to another side to ring a bell, turn around, and do the same thing again to ring the bell on the other side.

I faced off against Will Doyle, who took me out in Season 2 in the pit, so I had payback on my mind. Steve, a Hall of Fame pro wrestler, yelled out three, two, one, go! I blasted off, slid past Will and heard us hitting the first bell at the same time. I turned around, and we collided in the middle amid a tsunami-like splash. After tussling a bit, we broke free and headed for the last bell. I moved through the water as fast as I could and beat him by a second. I felt a surge of accomplishment but couldn’t celebrate because I had to focus on the next rounds.

Eight competitors fell to four heading into the last round, which featured The Pit and Chain Gang. First up was the Chain Gang, where three chains hang on two posts about 50 yards apart. Each chain gets progressively longer and heavier. You start by running down the field, grabbing one chain and running with it to the other side. Then you grab the other chain and lug both of them back to the opposite side. Finally, you grab the longest, heaviest chain and heave all three of them across the finish line.

Then it’s time to throw your competitor out of The Pit to win. Stay tuned to see if I prevail and finally get to take on the Skullbuster