Mind Over Matter – Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge – The Finals

Mind Over Matter – Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge – The Finals

by Jonathan Ruiz

This was the moment an athlete dreams of, the moment you train constantly for, the moment to prove yourself.

The finals of Season 2 of the TV series “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge” were here to determine the best of the best and which team had enough grit, teamwork, strength, and endurance to take home the grand prize of $250,000 for Season 2.

The final three teams out of the original 24 were tackling the monster Spartan course that combined all the obstacles of Season 2 into this last race.

I couldn’t have been happier because that’s exactly what all 5 members of my team wanted: obstacle on top of obstacle. But we were facing two strong teams, one of which was undefeated just like us. We decided to stick to our game plan, hoping our teamwork would lead us to victory.

So many feelings rushed my body that I could hardly contain myself while approaching the starting line. My inner voice was screaming, “This is real. This is what I train for. Just one more race, c’mon you got this!”

It was time.

Scanning to the right and left, we looked at each other with a sense of honor to be competing with such an elite group. Then I inhaled a deep breath, blocked out those feelings and switched to pure competition mode.

Three, two, one . . . GO! I blasted off with something to prove and was the first to reach the first obstacle once again. And once again, my team beasted together through the obstacles while maintaining a lead to the final obstacle.

There it was. Standing tall. The dreaded slip wall. The last obstacle standing between us and $250,000.

Without hesitation, we stacked on top of each other and pulled each other over. It was a priceless feeling as we plunged off the wall into the water. We climbed out, grabbed the shield, and crossed the finish line in an ecstatic moment of celebration. What an amazing adventure!

Indeed, this was my best experience of my athletic life. I felt so honored being selected for the show and even more so to be able to inspire people.

Hopefully, we’ll return next season to defend our title on Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.