From an Energetic Child to a Fitness Professional

From an Energetic Child to a Fitness Professional

by Janette Janero

If you would have asked me at 7 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, an entrepreneur and fitness professional never would have crossed my mind. Scientist and actress were on the top of the list in those days. My name is Janette Janero and I am a fitness professional and entrepreneur who started a company in Miami providing in-home personal training.

It is interesting though because fitness has always been a part of my life even in my early childhood. I always wanted to learn what was best for my body. Seeing the food pyramid for the first time as a child, I felt like I must follow its recommendation of eating 3-4 servings of vegetables every day.

Not to mention, I was also a constant ball of energy. "Please go back to your seat Janette,” "Sit still,” "Ok, but raise your hand first," "Don't fidget,” and "Get down from there" are some of the phrases that were said to me in school as a child.

I honestly do not know how my elementary school teachers made it through their lessons with me in the classroom. I was engaged, kind and respectful, but I was constantly moving and sharing every thought that would pop into my head regarding the subject.

Recently, I came across a home video of myself in 5th grade participating in the school's poetry recital, and I looked like a ball of energy trapped inside a plaid uniform trying my best to not bounce all over the stage.

Fast forward a couple decades and imagine placing that ball of energy inside an office setting. Can you picture it? Neither could I, so I created my own company connecting fitness professionals who have earned a master’s degree in a health related field with clients who value the luxury of in-home training lead by a highly qualified trainer.

As I write this now, I realize part of what I do is get people moving again as much as they did when they were a child. In fact, last week, my client's 3-year-old walked into the garage while I was training her mom and said, "Come play with me now." My client and I laughed because we realized her daughter thinks I come over for play dates.

If I had to pinpoint why I feel driven to be active, I would have to say it is because I correlate movement with life. I feel like the physical activities I do, everything from yoga, paddle boarding, and flying trapeze lessons, are ways of making the most of life. Movement is a representation of living. The more active I am the more I am making of my time. I really did not know growing up that so much of myself would come together one day to create a business.

I feel so fortunate to have a career where I can combine a lot of my interests and my strengths. I am learning the patience of my elementary school teachers with my son who is only 10 months and already cruising all over our home. I've caught myself wanting to tell him to sit still, but I won't because I know good things happen when you get up and move!