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  • Food for Thought: Eat Avocados to Boost Testosterone

    Food for Thought: Eat Avocados to Boost Testosterone

    Success is a measure of one’s ability to achieve their goals. At Champion Performance, we believe that your personal fitness is a measure of your health and ultimately a catalyst for success in all areas of life, whether at home, work or in your community. While we often think of exercise as the means to elevating personal fitness, the truth is that diet is equally important. Continue reading
  • The Basics On How To Flexible Diet

    The Basics On How To Flexible Diet

    Let’s face it, whether you’re simply trying to lose weight to look better, or if you’re following a bodybuilding routine and happen to be dieting down for a competition or a photoshoot, dieting in the conventional way, well, it pretty much sucks. When we think of most generic bodybuilding diets, we think of foods like: plain grilled chicken breast, turkey mince, plain baked potato, boiled rice, and steamed vegetables, all washed down with plenty of water. While healthy, those foods are far from appetizing or enjoyable, which is why so many of us have mental blocks when it comes to dieting. But what about if you could enjoy foods that you love, which are not considered “diet-friendly” and still burn fat and shred up in the process? Well, thanks to flexible dieting, you can. Here’s a look at the basics on how to flexible diet.

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