CrossFit gear provides more than just flash

CrossFit gear provides more than just flash

by Fadil Ameerally

You can always tell a person that just started CrossFit.  

Even when they aren’t training, they’re covered from head to toe in CrossFit gear.  I was no different in the beginning. I drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid, as we call it, and wore CrossFit shirts and shoes almost every day. 

Five years later, I still wear CrossFit shirts out of the gym, and my sneakers are usually Nike Metcons or Reebok CrossFit Nanos which are both CrossFit shoes.  You’re already mentally in the game, so do you really need the name-brand gear to do CrossFit? Does it really help?  

Well, consider how it makes you feel.   

As a newbie,  I thought I’d never need Olympic weightlifting shoes. A few short months into CrossFit, though, I realized those shoes would help me stay on my heels and provide more stability to perform certain movements.  That’s when I understood why people wore specialty shoes and other items to supplement their training. 

For example, I recently bought a pair of training gloves. I started to tire of the pull-up bar constantly ripping up my hands.  Going from pull-ups to chest 2 bars which is where your chest has to touch the bar for the rep to count, and bar muscle-ups were taking a toll on my hands and impacting my training.  I’d tape them up so I could still hold a barbell, but it wasn’t a long-term solution. So I ordered Rogue CrossFit gloves for around $25 from the internet to try them out.  They felt a little uncomfortable at first because I wasn’t accustomed to gloves, but I liked them the more I used them.  They hold up well during workouts, and I have yet to rip them.  They’ve saved my hands and enabled me to continue training. 

My favorite piece of gear is my pair of Nike Metcons shoes which on average cost around $120, but you can shop around and find them cheaper.  I love how stable they make me feel during Olympic weightlifting movements, and they’re comfortable for other exercises such as box jumps and rope climbs.  They have a nice fit and a flat bottom, which allows me to stay on my heels during a squat.  The bonus? They look great and have a wide selection of colors.   

So as you can see, this gear helps me train and perform better.  Whether it’s running or CrossFit, using the right gear is not just hype.  It really does help and is well worth the money.