• How to Safely & Effectively Restore Your Core

    How to Safely & Effectively Restore Your Core

    As a fitness professional, I often get asked about exercises to reduce inches around people’s waists, reduce body fat and lose weight. When it comes to core exercises there are many benefits which include weight loss and reduction of body fat around the waistline. But there are many benefits to correctly working your core that are not seen but are even more important. Continue reading
  • The Importance of Staying Functional and Athletic

    The Importance of Staying Functional and Athletic

    For those of you looking to increase your muscle mass whilst hopefully losing fat simultaneously, a typical bodybuilding eating plan and training regime will probably be one of your most popular tools to have at your disposal, in order to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Bodybuilding however, is not a simple process and it is certainly not something that should be taken lightly. Not only can bodybuilding be testing mentally, it can also be very testing physically as well, as your joints, range of motion, and much more besides, can all greatly be affected as you begin to pile on the muscle. Because of this, staying functional and athletic during your bodybuilding journey is absolutely essential, and so to make life that little bit easier, here are a few benefits associated with functional and athletic training as you embark on your bodybuilding journey.

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  • How To Get The Ultimate Set of Abs

    How To Get The Ultimate Set of Abs

    For many of us, the air is turning warmer by the day, the days are longer, the nights are shorter, and the sun is becoming more and more powerful. This can only mean one thing – summer is right around the corner once again. Whilst summer is generally a very pleasant time of year, for some people, summer isn’t quite as enjoyable, especially if their summer body is, well, stuck in winter bulking mode. As the weather is much warmer during the summer, we obviously wear less, and if you’re looking to really reveal the ultimate summer beach body this year, you will want a set of killer abs to help you do just that. Contrary to popular belief, getting a six pack is not as simple as magazines and so-called “experts” would have you believe. It is a long, arduous, and tough process, but boy will it be worth it in the end. Here’s a look at how to get the ultimate set of six pack abs for this summer.

    Cardio – When it comes to revealing a set of six pack abs, the trick is to get your body fat as low as you possibly can. Generally, the abdominal muscles will become visible when an individual reaches around 13% body fat, or below. Getting down to those types of numbers however, is no easy feat. You will need to really obliterate as much body fat as possible, so cardio is absolutely essential. You can try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) steady state cardio, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or any other form of cardio. Cardio helps to burn off body fat reserves, and as it is fat you need to burn off to reveal the abdominal muscles hiding underneath, you will need to perform cardio several times per week.

    Eat clean and healthy – As mentioned, in order to reveal the abs, you need to burn off as much abdominal body fat covering them as you possibly can. This means you need to cut out junk food, and eat fresh, clean, healthy, and natural foods packed full of nutrients. Look for lean protein sources, complex carbohydrates, limited amounts of healthy fats, and plenty of fresh veggies. These foods will help you to burn off excess body fat, whilst keeping your body fuelled in the process.

    Train your core – This is where people often go wrong. The abs are muscles just like any other muscle, and because of this, they need training in order for them to grow. The simple fact is that, even if you do drop down into single digit body fat percentages, if you haven’t trained your abs, they simply won’t be visible. You do NOT need to perform 1000 sit ups per day in order to reveal your abs, as experts have revealed that two or three core exercises consisting of 3 sets of 30 – 40 reps, performed two or three times per week, is more than enough to get those abs popping. You should also mix up your core training, so one week you may wish to focus on crunches, whereas the next you could perform planks, mountain climbers, or leg raises.

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