Choose CrossFit gear for support and protection

Choose CrossFit gear for support and protection

by Jonathan Ruiz

Once you get into CrossFit, you’re going to want some gear. You may become overwhelmed or confused by the avalanche of choices - and gimmicks.  

That’s how I felt when I started CrossFit. It was a lot of trial and error; I’ve tried more accessories than I’d like to admit. It took a couple of years to figure out the perfect combination of gear for my daily regimen that all fits into a simple backpack.   

First, let’s start with shoes. The market offers a ton of choices, even CrossFit-specific shoes such as Reebok Nanos and Nike Metcons. I’m not endorsing any shoes because everyone has different needs with various foot sizes and shapes. So go shopping and try on a few training shoes. Budget for $70-$120. Look for comfort, support and mobility.  Maybe do a light run up the aisle or a few high jumps or air squats in the store. If the shoes feel too tight, loose or heavy, they aren’t for you. Consider the various exercises you’ll be performing in them.  

Next, let’s talk about support and injury protection. I used to break dance in high school, and I still do all kinds of crazy flips. As a result, my knees aren’t the best. Even if you don’t have bad knees, I recommend getting knee sleeves for support while lifting heavy weights or even running. They are usually made out of neoprene and resemble sleek, flexible braces.  

Another must-have is a weightlifting belt which can be $20-$50.  The last thing you want to do is screw up your lower back! Trust me, I’ve been there. The belt helps support and maintain good form when working with heavy lifts such as squats and dead lifts.   

Then there are little things, such as wrist wraps and gymnastic grips built into one piece. This great two-in-one option for $35-$45 that offers superior protection and support because a bare hand can only take so much before ripping after countless kipping pull-ups. Ripping takes a long time to recover from because the skin must grow back in. This means missing training days, not to mention your hand looking horrible.  

The wrist wraps in this two-in-one offer great support and stability while lifting weights. It helps with overhead movements, such as overhead squats, overhead lunges or presses. Your wrist can hurt and become sore when lifting heavy weight or doing a bunch of overhead reps. This product’s support and protection makes you feel like you can squeeze in those extra reps or push a little longer during your workout. 

With this combination of gear you will be well supportive, move extreme weight through your workouts. You will also have that extra protection that will help you prevent injury, so you will be ready for your next workout.