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  • From an Energetic Child to a Fitness Professional

    From an Energetic Child to a Fitness Professional

    If you would have asked me at 7 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, an entrepreneur and fitness professional never would have crossed my mind. Scientist and actress were on the top of the list in those days. My name is Janette Janero and I am a fitness professional and entrepreneur who started a company in Miami providing in-home personal training. Continue reading
  • A Passion For CrossFit

    A Passion For CrossFit

    We all know fitness is the key to unlocking one’s potential to be the best physical being they can be. My name is Jonathan Ruiz and I’m a fitness freak that’s not trying to be the best at one particular physical activity, but trying to push myself to be the most complete athlete possible – great in all fields of athleticism. Ultimately, my main goal is functional fitness. Continue reading
  • #BuiltByYou: Back & Bi's Training Tips

    #BuiltByYou: Back & Bi's Training Tips

    Hey everyone! For those of you that would like to tone up your upper body a bit and possibly add size, here are some of my favorite and most effective exercises for back and biceps!

    Before you try these out at the gym, here are a few pointers!

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  • Back and Biceps Workout

    Back and Biceps Workout

    Do you want to train like a Champion? Jennifer Elliot tells us how she trains her back and biceps. Fuel your work out with Turbulence to take it to the next level!

    Continue reading

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